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  • Paola TichDark series 3 - I’m really missing everyone walking around Widen with suitcases ,
  • Paola Tich It’s a texture/weight thing for me (unless fortified). Also not keen on soup and wine pairings, wet on wet...,
  • Paola TichI’d forgotten how bloody awful these things are...(and I nicked my finger in the process) ,
  • Paola Tich ,
  • Paola TichHey two missed pick ups now at my shop (despite us reporting it yesterday) Sort it out please ,
  • Mike TaylorRT : Sorry to be a party pooper, but allowing landlords to easily convert empty shops to residential without any plannin… ,
  • Paola Tich Well, as we’ve discovered doing a lot of deliveries, people often don’t answer the door - but then say… ,
  • Paola Tich Ouch... at my mum’s 79th, one of her friends mistook me for her,
  • Paola Tich Best of luck. I do hope there’ll be a book at the end. And wine, of course.,