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  • Paola Tich Good indies also work very hard to have enjoyable wines under £10 so - unless you are drinking every n… ,
  • Paola TichResearching 14 wines. All the producers have websites. Only 5 have tech sheets or similar. Lots of nice tasting notes though.....,
  • Paola TichI got my answer today thanks to at a round table on Prosecco Superiore with - col fondo… ,
  • Paola Tich Wine should be a broad church. Don’t understand why such a wonderful drink has to polarise the trade so much...,
  • Paola Tich I wouldn’t call a lot of them a swindle, but I agree the label is a bit sanctimonious -… ,
  • Paola Tich On a conf call, someone once suggested to me that “we dialogue this offline”.,
  • Paola Tich Was just suggesting how some people (not trade) might interpret this as not doing much to a wine, therefore it should be cheap.,
  • Paola TichWoman on phone next to me talking about how she’d “eyeballed” some documents. I think the word is “read”.,
  • Paola Tich Do subs still exist?,