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Wine And Food Matching Aussie-Style

Take one Australian winemaker. Add a generous splash of celebrity chef (and fellow Aussie). Mix together. And what do you get?

The Neil McGuigan and John Torode Recipe Collection, a new food and wine matching venture that caters to people’s personal tastes rather than gives prescriptive choices.

“Both John and I believe there is a lack of confidence in many consumers. They’re too afraid they’re going to make a mistake,” Neil tells us at a press event in London. “We’ve taken the snob factor out.”

Their solution is for John to come up with 50 recipes and Neil to match three wines to every one of those dishes. Why three? Because nobody’s palate is the same. (more…)

Not Just For The Dowager Duchess

“This is as crazy and monstrous as Madeira wine can be,” exclaims wine writer Rui Falcão, leading a tutored tasting in London organised by the Madeira Wine Institute.

In our glasses is a vintage Madeira from 1977, made by one of the island’s handful of producers, Pereira d’Oliveira, from the rarely-grown Terrantez grape.

Instantly, all my perceptions of Madeira as a genteel, old-fashioned tipple fly out the window. This is simply thrilling. Like hearing the Sex Pistols for the first time after listening to the Osmonds. (more…)