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Anything But Champagne

I love Champagne. Don’t get me wrong. Just not ALL Champagne. Just not all the time.

For me, any brand emotion is quickly negated when I sip another glass of indifferent acid with bubbles like ball bearings because “it was on offer”.

Give me a glass of interesting, anytime. You can choose from the list below… (more…)

All I Want For Christmas…

Dear Santa,

I know it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me. OK, it’s been several decades. But, hey, who’s counting?

Anyway, you did me proud all those years ago. A doll every year. Imagine! Even when I started cutting their hair off, you still sent me a doll the following year. Albeit with short hair which was, frankly, a bit boring. Nothing to cut off, see?

Nevertheless, I am turning to you once again after Mr. SipSwoosh declared he didn’t know what to get me for Christmas. Well, he did have a plan to buy me a copy of  the wine geek’s new bible, Wine Grapes. But I got there first. (more…)

A Recipe… Of Sorts

No, you haven’t stumbled onto the wrong site. SipSwooshSpit is still about wine. Mostly.

But, if you love wine then, generally, you love food (though that doesn’t always seem to work the other way). So forgive me if I take a food moment and capture in recipe form a dish I made up the other day. Inspired by flavours I know work together. Perhaps not that original – I don’t claim it to be (see my post on partridges).

If I were on Masterchef, I’d no doubt be banging on about “my twist on a classic French dish” or something.

However, I’m not. I am simply answering a couple of requests for a recipe. The measurements are a rough guide only. The recipe has been tested only once… (more…)