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If This Film Were A Wine 2012

Last year, I had a bit of fun matching wine to films during the BAFTAs and then again for the Oscars.  As it turns out, these were two of my more popular posts of the entire year.

So, with the 2012 BAFTA film awards almost upon us here are my recommendations of what wine to drink with each movie nominated for Best Film and Outstanding British Film.


The Artist

Sipswooshspit - If This Film Were A Wine - The-ArtistNostalgic, playful, elegant and lean – it’s not a complicated story, but charmingly executed.  My perfect match would be a classic steely Chablis that dances on your tongue, and makes you feel alive and happy.


The Descendants

Sipswooshspit - If This Film Were A Wine - The-DescendantsAn absorbing story set on Hawaii, about a man who has taken a back seat bringing up his daughters and now has to take the lead. This demands something lush, smooth and tropical, such as a ripe New World Viognier.



Sipswooshspit - If This Film Were A Wine - DriveViolent maybe, but this film about an enigmatic, taciturn outsider has divided audiences. Only a natural wine will do.  Something unfiltered, unfined, funky and on the edge. Given that there is quite a bit blood, maybe a red would be best.


The Help

Sipswooshspit - If this movie was a wine - the helpA film about prejudice, both racial and class, needs a wine that is looked down on, ignored and thought of as third rate. So how about a Bulgarian, Greek or Turkish wine?  You’ll be amazed at the quality that is now exported. It’s just a shame there’s not more.


Tinker Taylor Soldier Spy

Sipswooshspit - If This Film Were A Wine - Tinker-Tailor-Soldier-SpyWhisky might be the most apt drink for this shadowy film full of smoke and subterfuge. But this piece is about wine, so I am plumping for Claret. Nothing too posh. Just something the old boy network would have knocked back at the club in the 70s.


My Week With Marilyn

Sipswooshspit - If This Film Were A Wine - My week with MarilynTwo words. Pink fizz. Preferably Champagne. But, since this is about Miss Monroe filming in the UK, an English sparking rosé will do just fine. There is a rule though. It can only be drunk out of a coupe glass. Giggling, sulking and drug addiction is optional.



Sipswoosh Spit - If This Film Were A Wine - SennaYou could make like a racing driver and grab yourself a Jeroboam of Champagne. Or you could drink some Brazilian wine in solidarity. If you can find any. I’d plump for something fast and focused like a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loire in France or Northern Italy.


We Need To Talk About Kevin

Sipswooshspit - If This Film Were A Wine - We-Need-To-Talk-About-KevinNot the easiest of films to watch, this needs something dark, challenging and hard to bond with. How about a cheap, young, astringent Carignan from the south of France, full of bitter tannins and tough to love. Like children, Carignan can turn out nicely. Or it can be murder to drink.



Sipswooshspit - If This Film Were A Wine - ShameIf only Yalumba’s René Pogel was still on sale (read it backwards, people). Sadly, it’s not. So instead, why not choose a wine you should feel ashamed to order in public. White Zinfandel. The wine world’s happy, sugary accident. I don’t care who drinks it behind closed doors. So long as they keep their dirty little secret to themselves, ok?

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