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Sonoma: A Wine Odyssey

Restrained. Not a word you’d usually associate with Californian wine. And yet, here we were, drinking a succession of decidedly unshowy whites at the Dry Creek Kitchen in Healdsburg, Sonoma.

This is not the first time we’ve been here and  – given its distance from grey old London – we always splash out on the tasting menu with wines. It’s one of Mr. SipSwoosh’s favourite things to do in one of his favourite places in the world.

However, I don’t remember the white wines being quite this reined in when we were last here, three years ago. (more…)

A Leaf-Kicking Wine

What’s the best way to describe a wine?

It seems there are now two schools of thought. (more…)

Where Every Grape Is Sacred

They don’t put out spittoons at the end of the tour of the Opus One winery in California. When you are presented with a glass of the latest vintage, maybe the assumption is that, if you’ve paid $40 for the privilege, you won’t want to waste a drop of this cult wine.


Wild About Barrel-Fermented Sauvignon

In a nation awash with Oyster Bay, I find it hard to get excited by Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc anymore.

Unless it has been fermented in oak and sat on its lees (the dead yeast deposits from fermentation). (more…)