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Naked, Virgin (And Great SEO)

Blimey! My wine blog is a year old. I’ve reached that first crucial milestone. A. Whole. Twelve. Months.

While that doesn’t exactly get me a golden ticket into the wine blogging hall of fame, I feel it’s quite an achievement to have churned out 45 posts – almost one post a week – while holding down a day job running a communications business. Despite their best intentions, many bloggers fall by the wayside in the first year.

So, as I start year two, what have I learnt?


Go Ahead – Make My Wine

Nicole Rolet is living the dream.  Specifically, she’s living my dream.

Owning a vineyard in a gorgeous, sunny location. Living in a centuries-old stunning house. Producing beautiful award-winning wines.

But hearing Nicole tell the story of getting Chêne Bleu wines up and running,  it’s clear this hasn’t all been rainbows and unicorns. (more…)