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Good, Honest Wine

Good, straightforward, honest wine. Sometimes that’s all you want. No great complexity, but goes well with food. The sort of wine you can imagine buying on holiday to go with a supper made from food bought at the local market. (more…)

You’ve Come A Long Way Baby

Back in the early nineties, when I worked in radio, we had a local wine producer on our show. I forget the name now. But I do remember being surprised because the wine tasted quite nice. Light, floral and drinkable – not the cough mixture I imagined.

Sadly, two decades on, this is still the default position of many Brits, despite English wine coming on leaps and bounds in terms of quality and levels of production. (more…)

Every Good Girl Deserves Faiveley

Bordeaux or Burgundy wine: Which do you prefer?

I found myself pondering this really inconsequential weighty question when I was invited to a tasting and dinner with Burgundy producer Domaine Faiveley – the very week the Bordeaux en primeur circus hit London.


Wine Review: Catholic Tastes

Easter 2011. Already it seems such a long time ago – those lovely memories of a long, gloriously sunny afternoon where we could laze outside and sip wine all afternoon. (more…)