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If This Film Were A Wine 2

So, a couple of weeks ago I matched the BAFTA Best Film nominees to wines in If This film Were A Wine. Now, with the Oscars upon us, it’s time for the sequel. (more…)

Arneis, Arneis

As Victoria Moore recently wrote in her Saturday Telegraph wine column,  people are happy to fork out for perfume but not for a decent bottle of wine. (more…)

Wine I’ve Been Drinking

Like it or not, supermarkets play a big part in what most of us drink. In an ideal world, I would only ever buy from independent wine merchants, both bricks-and-mortar and online. But sometimes what you have in the house doesn’t go with what you are cooking or, indeed, what you feel like drinking. And, in a town or city, there is always a supermarket nearby (and there may not be a decent wine merchant at all). (more…)

A Cote D’Or Delight

I’ve only just got round to drinking the Francois D’Allaines Saint-Aubin 1er Cru “Sur Gamay” 2006 I bought last year from The Wine Society.   (more…)

A Refreshing English White

Chapel Down Flint Dry 2009 is a great example of a well-made, well-priced English wine that easily outperforms most Sancerre and Chablis in a similar price range. (more…)

If This Film Were A Wine…

I love movies almost as much as I love wine. Lucky then that Mr. SipSwoosh is a member of BAFTA. Each winter, we hunker down to wade through a pile of screeners – review DVDs of films, some before they’ve even hit the UK cinemas. So, as we head for this year’s BAFTA film awards, I’d thought I’d combine my two passions and match wine to the nominees for best film.