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Wines I’ve Been Drinking

I may have climbed on my soapbox about rising alcohol levels but that doesn’t mean I’m a stranger to wines with fuller figures. I’ve even dabbled with a size 15% recently. (more…)

A Dog Among The Vines

This picture always makes me smile. It’s of our Westie, Fred, walking among rows of Muscadet grapes a few years back on a holiday. I like the way he is walking purposefully, as if he knows where he’s going, similar to one of the Wine Dogs. And I like the colours – especially the blue sky, because we didn’t see much of that during our two week stay near Nantes.


(Wine) Sites For Sore Eyes

Making great wine takes a lot of care and attention. It demands thought, planning, dedication and diligence. So why is all that effort simply chucked down the drain when it comes to promoting the fruits of these labours online?  In other words, why are there so many awful websites behind so many nice wines? (more…)