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Wines I’ve Been Drinking

Sometimes I like to leave my wine choices to other people. By chatting to sommeliers and knowledgeable staff at wine merchants I’ll end up trying wines I may not otherwise have given the time of day to. I may never have tried the fruity, spicy Heinrich Blaufrankisch or the voluptuous Rabl Grüner Veltliner if they hadn’t been recommendations from Wimbledon Wine Cellar. (more…)

Getting Down With The Wine ABVs

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, it wasn’t unusual to find wines with ABVs (alcohol by volume) of around 11%. Maybe 11.5%.  At least it wasn’t unusual on our dinner table when I was growing up in the 70s. With an Italian father, there was always wine with a meal, and always from Europe. But then the world got hotter. Viticulture and vinification improved. New World wines began flooding the Northern European market. And we started developing a taste for fruity, more powerful wines with ABVs of 13%, 14%, 15% and beyond. (more…)