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My Wine, My Rules…

The other day I met a friend for dinner in a pub. As we studied the wine list, she set out her rules. No Chenin Blanc of any kind. No Pinot Grigio. No Sauvignon Blanc unless it was a really full, fruity number. In other words, she didn’t like very dry wines and had decided these grapes were the worst culprits, denying herself the pleasure of, say, a Vouvray or a Pinot Gris from Alsace.


Enough With The Silly Wine Names

So, you’re perusing the supermarket shelves looking for a spicy red to go with your Sunday roast. Your fingers wander over the Rhones and alight on Chat-en-Oeuf. With a helpful drawing of a cat sitting on an egg just to emphasise the humorous play on words.


Uncorking Some Myths About Wine

Wine – there’s a lot of misinformation out there about serving and drinking it. Here are some of the lessons I’ve learnt along the way.


Into The (Hunter) Valley

Not so many years ago, staying in the Hunter Valley meant death by chintz. Sleek, stylish and boutique were terms reserved for wines only.

So we searched and searched the Interweb ’til we came across a review in the Sydney Morning Herald on Tower Lodge. Small and boutique, it was just the sort of hotel we were looking for.


Wines I’ve Been Drinking

Many of my friends would avoid German Riesling like the plague because they still think it’s the sickly stuff their parents used to drink in the 70’s. But they are missing a treat, especially when it is as classy as this Riesling from Dönnhoff, one of Germany’s top producers.