…Or what happens when fermented grape juice takes over your life. Features and opinions from a blogger turned wine flogger. I drink (wine) therefore I am.

The Night I Forgot To Bring Wine (Again)

How an average bottle of wine can become quite special when it connects you to someone you love. In memory of my mother, and a bottle we shared while she still enjoyed a glass of wine.

Toes Black In Lagar

The Wine and Spirit Trade Association has called on us to "keep passing the port" to maintain sales of this unique fortified wine. So do your bit. Read my post on how it's made, then go and buy some! It's not just for Christmas...

Wine In The Time Of Guidelines

Hello, my name's Paola and I'm a peddler of death. Entering my shop could seriously harm your health. If you're in wine retail, like me, it does feel a bit like this, following the new government drinking guidelines.
Two bottles from Marisco Craft Series range

Marisco Makes A Crafty Move

You may know Brent Marris from Oyster Bay, Wither Hills & current high-street favourite The Ned Sauvignon Blanc. Hold onto your wine glasses. He's launching a £50 "artisanal" Marlborough Pinot Noir.

Past The Tucci To The Right-Sized Glass

A trip down memory lane to a night when I drank some great wine out of bad glasses, until Stanley Tucci (unknowingly) showed me it didn't have to be this way.

All The Wine Blog Posts I Didn’t Write

Should a wine blogger write up every bottle, lunch or trip they're given for free? If they don't, does this mean they're, at best, unprofessional freeloaders or, at worst, thieves? The perennial wine industry debate hots up.
Penfolds wine dinner

Steak Me I’m Yours

"Steak and wine have shared a beautiful and long lasting relationship," said the invite to a Penfolds' dinner exploring this perfect coupling. Just don't mention the lack of Grange, OK?

Unlocking The Door To Chablis

It was this pretty door in Chablis or another vineyard pic. Anyway, you get the idea. I went, I tasted and I gained a newfound respect for a wine I once considered boring.
Glasses with Henschke Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone 1994 in them

Once In A Lifetime Wine

And you might find yourself in front of a couple of glasses of 20-year-old iconic Henschke Shiraz. And you may ask yourself, will I ever get another chance to try Hill of Grace and Mount Edelstone?

How A Wine Rack Helped Restore My Writing Mojo

An open letter to Black Country Metalworks. Probably more than they bargained for when they had the bright idea to send me a wine rack to review.
Corks from bottles of Concha Y Toro's Don Melchor icon Cabernet

The Don of Chilean Cabernet

"Our wines are made in the vineyard" is a winemaker trope. But none of them have taken me into a ditch to prove their point. Until I met the team behind Chilean icon Don Melchor.

Wine Duty: Enough Is Enough

If you love wine, like I do, and you live in the UK, you should be feeling p****d off. Duty on wine has risen by 50% since 2008. And it looks like it's about to increase yet again...