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  • Paola TichGood question - we need something to look forward to right now! ,
  • Paola Tich Noughty is the best I’ve tried to date - sparkling. There are some good sparkling teas out there, too.,
  • Paola Tich Ha! Quite,
  • Paola Tich Your delight and joy I hope... unless it’s a “pure” one, in which case I imagine you can’t help yourself,
  • Paola Tich It’s what all women really want to do, obviously,
  • Paola Tich So putting headless naked women can help stop wine elitism? C’mon.... there are many, many fun labels that don’t degrade,
  • Paola Tich“Ah, but the juice inside is really good!” Why oh why do some winemakers think this is ok? ,
  • Paola TichWhen I look back through COVID lenses, it’s hard not to flinch at how close we all got. Happy memories of… ,
  • Paola Tich Well, for starters, don’t use the word ‘nose’ when you could just say ‘smell’,