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  • Paola Tich Ha - yes, works. English is a weird language.,
  • Paola Tich They are using the term incorrectly - wine is crisp, not crispy,
  • Drapers ArmsRT : 160 or so booked in for lunch... & then it continues. Staff here & across the industry working incredible hard to m… ,
  • Paola Tich If you did re: bed linen you probably wouldn’t want to sleep in it ,
  • Paola Tich“Crispy” should only be used in reference to food, not wine or weather - amiright?,
  • Paola Tich Just to be clear, true that the product exists - not sure I’d use it,
  • Paola Tich So it’s true - I thought I was being told a complete load of bollox by a “sulphites give me hangovers” person,
  • Paola Tich I’ve never had it with cream cheese here - obviously eating sushi in the wrong places,
  • Paola TichWhen you realise that the dinner you are cooking is mainly butter with a bit of veg and meat wrapped around it,