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  • Paola TichOn a more positive note, it was great to meet the guys and taste this English Charmat method rosé… ,
  • Paola Tich Never worth being rude in these situations (as I’ve learnt),
  • Paola Tich I’m letting the organisers know.,
  • Paola Tich And I’d only gone back to taste a red and then spotted a white I hadn’t noticed... I know big tasti… ,
  • Paola TichWow. Just been bollocked by a winemaker for tasting wines out of order and walking away from a v. crowded table while tasting.,
  • Paola Tich Print (where I started) always seemed more collegiate,
  • Paola Tich In TV news, there was plenty of bitching about other reporters’ abilities... thank heavens Twitter wasn’t a thing then,
  • Paola Tich Thing is, they’ve ended up sounding like grasping idiots in their expectation of free drinks, free cake, free cards,
  • Paola Tich A wine attacking my palate is never a nice thought - though 'on entry' sounds awful, too,