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It’s A New Dawn, A New Life

“Are you selling wine?” inquired the customer.

At first I was a bit puzzled. Here we were, standing in my three-week old wine shop, surrounded by bottles of the stuff. Then the penny dropped. What he actually meant was (after checking labels for prices): “Are you ACTUALLY selling any wine?” And to be fair, it made a change from the more usual comments about “being brave”.

But I don’t think opening an independent wine shop in a West London during an economic slump is about “bravery”. It’s about risk. (more…)

Bring Out The Old, Ring In The New

I recently wrote about how special it was to drink a wine from your birth year. In this case, it was Port.

But, on reflection, drinking a wine made before you were born is probably more magical – once you have a few decades under your belt. Especially when it’s illegal. OK, OK, I’m exaggerating a bit. The Sandeman 1955 Port inside the bottle I am holding in the picture below didn’t break the law. But the bottle itself – a tregnum (2.25 litres) – is no longer a legal size for the sale of Port. (more…)