A Disappointing Rosé

My name’s Paola and I’m a rosé avoider. Can’t help it. Too many bad experiences of nothing but pink acid or strawberry syrup.

Of course, there have been exceptions that have temporarily turned my head. Generally, though, when the sun comes out, I’d rather chill a red than go near a rosé.

Unless I need it for food.

Wine Review - Empty bottle of Carmenere RoseI was looking for a wine to go with a hot guacamole and some spicy ribs. A juicy, fruity rosé would go well, I thought. Faced with a sea of rosés in the supermarket, I picked up a Cono Sur Reserva Carmenere Rosé 2010 for about £9. I’ve always found Cono Sur to be one of the big brand fail-safes. With their entry-level Bicycle range, I felt I always got something nice to drink for a reasonable price.

However, I was very disappointed with the Pinot Noirs I had recently (two bottles bought on two different occasions). And this rosé, the next notch up (a Reserva) was little better. It gave off a powerfully sweet scent of raspberry jam, which is ok for jam – less so in a wine. Initially, it was bursting with fresh, red fruit flavours and went fine with the guacamole. But, over the course of an hour (still chilled), these fresh flavours withered, and it headed into boiled- sweet territory.

Going back to it the next day (re-sealed and kept in the fridge), it tasted sickly and metallic and was poured straight down the sink. I won’t be buying this wine again.

Note: I recently tasted two wines from Cono Sur’s Vision wine range, an ’08 Cabernet Sauvignon and an ’09 Viognier. Both retail for around £10 and taste good for the price.


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