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Friends With Benefits

So, after my recent review of  a 1 Lombard Street Wine Society dinner, a friend emails me with this:

“Just to remind you I have a case (magnums) of the 2004 Ch. Leoville Barton.

When are you coming?”

Twelve days later as it happened. (more…)

My Two-Penneth On Cheap Wine

When the editor of Decanter magazine had the temerity to suggest that “it’s pretty impossible to get a decent wine at £3.99 or £4.99” he was accused by Asda of being a snob. And if you look at the comments below his Guardian article, Asda were not the only people to take umbrage.

Much more has been said in defence of Guy Woodward’s comments – my favourite being from Anthony Rose in The Independent. Touché.


Keep Calm And Carry On Drinking

While London burned, I was drinking a second growth Bordeaux and a very classy Chassagne-Montrachet.

Scrap that. Let’s try again.

It wasn’t perhaps the most auspicious of starts to an evening of fine wines, as violence erupted nearby.

How do you start a post about an indulgent night at a wine dinner in the heart of the City when all around were rioters and looters? (more…)

A Disappointing Rosé

My name’s Paola and I’m a rosé avoider. Can’t help it. Too many bad experiences of nothing but pink acid or strawberry syrup.

Of course, there have been exceptions that have temporarily turned my head. Generally, though, when the sun comes out, I’d rather chill a red than go near a rosé. (more…)