Wines I’ve Been Drinking

Many of my friends would avoid German Riesling like the plague because they still think it’s the sickly stuff their parents used to drink in the 70’s. But they are missing a treat, especially when it is as classy as this Riesling from Dönnhoff, one of Germany’s top producers.

This may be one of their entry level Rieslings, but it is a terrific example of how elegant good German wines can be. A lovely balance of white peaches, golden apples and slate, the fruitiness and minerality underscored by a crisp, clean acidity. Donnhoff Riesling 2008And only 9.5% ABV. Beautiful to drink on a summer’s evening. I’ll definitely be buying more.

When First Quench went to administration, the handy Wine Rack around the corner closed down. It may have been almost floor-to-ceiling New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, but it was great to be able to pop there when you wanted an everyday glugger. Roll on a few months later, and its manager, Mallek, has now re-opened it as an independent wine merchants called AskeWine. The stock has widened to include a more diverse range of Italian and French wines, including this Quincy from Henri Bourgeois a highly-regarded maker of Sancerre. This Haute Victoire 2009 is a grapefruit explosion in a glass, with some pebbles at the bottom. Beautiful. And I am sure you can find it beyond London W12.

Lapostolle Cuvee AlejandroA friend had been helping to taste some new wines for the restaurant in the gallery where she works. And she brought around a couple for us to try. This was one of them, Lapostelle Cuvee Alexandre Chardonnay 2008.  Utterly lush. Peached-stuffed vanilla brioche drizzled in citrus blossom honey. I wouldn’t have guessed it was from Chile (I’m referring to style, not quality). But then the Lapostolle family has a French heritage and prides itself on the fact that it blends winemaking from the homeland with the Chilean terroir.

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One Response to “Wines I’ve Been Drinking”
  1. 07.26.2010

    While I would never claim to be any kind of expert on wine, the Donnhoff was one of the best I’ve tasted in a while. Perfect summer drinking.

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